Saturday, March 29, 2008

My next read

Just ordered this book from Amazon! I'm a huge fan of Tertia's blog & am really looking forward to reading the book.


This title presents a devastating and devastatingly funny account of one woman's bare-knuckle fight with infertility."I am so close, so close I can almost taste it. Surely I will get there this time. Surely, please God, let it happen this time." "So Close" is the story of Tertia Albertyn's struggle to become a mother. Determined and desperate she underwent nine IVF treatments when three is usually as much as many people can take. During Tertia's journey everything that can go wrong does go wrong and she rails against it in her inimitable style, turning the air blue along the way. She is as hilarious as she is irrepressible and as approachable as she is knowledgeable. Anyone reading this book with experience of infertility will find a friend in Tertia.

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