Saturday, May 23, 2009

Caminhada pela Fertilidade

No próximo dia 21 de Junho, a Associação Portuguesa de Fertilidade promove a 2ª Caminhada pela Fertilidade, no Parque da Cidade (Porto), assinalando o Dia Nacional da Fertilidade e o Mês Internacional da Fertilidade.

Esta iniciativa, com um percurso de 2km, em por objectivo sensibilizar os cidadãos para os actuais problemas de fertilidade e visa promover a saúde reprodutiva em geral.

A todos os participantes será oferecido um Kit-Caminhada, distribuído no local da concentração, onde a APFertilidade manterá uma tenda fixa com actividades recreativas.

A participação na Caminhada é gratuita, mas exige uma inscrição, por razões logísticas.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

First of all, I owe you all apologies for not being back for so long. But it's the same old, same! work! work! My internet is back to normal and I'm connected to the world once again. Yay! I've been navigating the land of twitter (as Mel would put it) these last few weeks spreading the word of my Association around, trying to reach other people, other communities. And this is where my Perfect Moment comes in...

It was Mother's Day here in Portugal yesterday. Not an easy day for us IF gals! I remember all too well the pain and the emptiness associated to this day. Yesterday a darling friend of mine, Luís Filipe Sarmento, a Portuguese writer and poet, sent me, line by line via Twitter, a beautiful poem written specifically for this day, dedicated to all women in Portugal who are still struggling to become a mother. I was so touched by this incredible act of kindness and generosity. The poem, entitled "Hello mother, I'm not here yet", is posted on the blog of the Portuguese Fertility Association, and when I have a bit more time, I want to translate it to English and share it with you all. Here it goes in Portuguese:

Olá, mãe, eu ainda não existo
sou apenas o teu sonho de ternura
em busca da eternidade
Sei que me procuras com todo o risco
os teus dias são feitos de amargura
para que o destino seja natividade
Eu tenho um nome antes de nascer
e uma casa plena de afectos
para que, mãe, possas renascer
e eu seja o sentido
dos teus projectos.

Eu não desisto de ti, mãe
Sou apenas uma ideia quando olhas as estrelas
perdida no paraíso dos sonhos
Um dia serei alguém
a navegar nos teus braços como caravelas
no mar dos teus olhos risonhos
Eu sou o filho que te espera
no mundo desconhecido do além
farei parte de uma nova era
serei o filho sonhado de minha mãe.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Knock! Knock! Anyone still out there?

Things have been really tough around here, barely surviving on a crappy net connection. Hopefully everything will be sorted and back to normal in a couple of days. However, I did not appreciate being held "hostage" by a phone company. Still feel like going out there to kick their ass. Other than this to rant about, it's been really busy at school these past couple of weeks and the outlook for the next month is even worse. Oh well! Can't really complain when you've got a steady job that you actually enjoy.

The little guy is doing really well. Loving school! Enjoying life! And always a smile on that gorgeous face of his. Couldn't ask for more.

I've just realised how much I've missed blogging and all my blog buddies. I'll have a lot of catching up to do once my internet is sorted.

A great Sunday to all & catch you soon! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A quick hello

Having internet problems at home (what else is new?). I have very limited access, meaning I'm only able to view/answer emails and not much else. It's a long story, and believe me, you don't want to hear it. Hopefully all will be sorted some time next week. That is, if I survive that long.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

We were supposed to go grocery shopping today and then, as a treat, I'd take the little guy to McDonald's. At the shopping centre he went straight for the toy department. A little while later he came running up begging me to buy him a gormiti (these "things" he collects). I said no. I felt a scene coming on. I could see the tears building up in his eyes. My own heart was breaking. But I stuck to my no and he kept his cool. I bought him a book instead. After doing the shopping, I realised we were running very late and explained that we couldn't make it to McDonald's today and I promised we'd go over the weekend. I aplogised, he said it was ok. He spent the rest of the afternoon reading the book I'd bought him and said it was much better than a gormiti. When he kissed me goodnight he told me I was the best mom in the world. A sigh of rlief. My little guy is growing up and I think I'm doing an ok job as his mom. It was a perfect moment indeed.

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Friends Award

Thank you, sweet Martha, for this lovely friends award. I'm truly very first blog award! You know I'd be lost here without you, Martha.

So, according to the rules, I have to pay it forward to 8 other blog friends:

And this just made my day!

Back to reality

Just got back from a lovely weekend up in the beautiful hills of northern Portugal. Hope everyone had a great Easter. Mine was sinful: great food & wine! Weather is crap today (cold & rainy), which matches my mood. Can't believe it's back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks of bliss. Off to unpack and do laundry, but first need to catch up on all my blog buddies.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quotable Quotidian

"You must be the change you want to see in the world."

Nearly 2 years ago we started our first infertility support group, which later led to a network of support groups across Portugal, which I coordinate (APFertilidade). The above quote is the motto of our project. We felt in our hearts that the change had to start within ourselves before we could expect others to regard the pain of infertility differently. We've come a long way and I do believe that there has been a significant change; however there is still a long and winding road ahead and much to be done in order to reach out to those that really do need our help.

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