Sunday, May 18, 2008

Border crossing

I've just very recently realised that I've overcome infertility. I'm on the other side. It's taken me over 7 years to reach to this conclusion. Ok, I've been told before that I'm a little slow at times.

After having my son, I gave myself a limit in case I ever considered another spin of the IVF wheel. 35 was it, because I wouldn't be able to face all that worrying about the quality of my eggs and possible abnormalities. When I hit 35, I decided to give myself an extension to the deadline considering all the advances in prenatal care and diagnosis. So the new limit became 40.

And here I am about to reach the border at interstate 40 and realising that this is it. To be honest, I feel that I've already crossed the border and....I'm free!!!! And it's a wonderful, exhilirating feeling! I'm not one to brag, but if I do say so myself, I feel like I've done damn good job of surviving infertility. There's no boogie man for me anymore!

So I'm starting to look forward to my 40th birthday (hold on, still 6 months to go). I still feel kind of beautiful & sexy, albeit the puffy eyes and runny nose. And I'm going to have a huge birthday bash to celebrate the crossing of the border. Infertility sucks, but f****** hell I made it to other side!!! That's somethin well worth celebrating.

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