Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bump on the head

I went to pick up the little guy at school today for our ritual Tuesday lunch. I took one look at his forehead and nearly fainted. I'm usually so cool under pressure, except when it comes to accidents & illnesses. I freak out completely, imagining all worst-case scenarios possible.

A typical little boy thing, though. He was in the playground during recess and a big kid - grade 4, can you believe it? - ran into his forehead. Actually, sinking his teeth into his forehead, thus the nasty looking bump. No, not a pretty picture indeed. But little boys revel in these things, unlike their squeamish moms, secretely hoping for scars that'll make them look really tough.

My heart skipped a beat once again. But as Gloria Gaynor so nicely puts it, "I will survive".

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