Saturday, May 24, 2008


There's nothing I hate more that hyper-fertile women. Those that get pregnant just like. Or even worse, women that get pregnant when they're not even supposed to be fertile anymore. Ring a bell? Mrs Cherie Blair.

In her memoirs, Speaking for Myself, she shares a bit too much information with us. Like letting us know that baby Leo was conceived at Balmoral Castle because she hadn't taken her "contraceptive equipment" with her for fear that royal aides would find her "unmentionables". Now, do we really want to imagine her & Tony at it with Lizzie & Phil in the next room. Better yet, in the next rooms, I don't imagine they're sleeping together anymore.

I know it's really mean of me, but I feel very little compassion for the fact that she suffered a miscarriage a few years after baby Leo was born. But at 47 she shouldn't have fallen pregnant with her 5th child. Not when so many women would kill to have just one child. It's just not right.

Cherie, darling, next time spare us the gory details and focus more on all the good work that you actually do. And stop rubbing in our faces how fertile you are.

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