Sunday, May 25, 2008


I just can't take this anymore. Just checked the forecast for the next couple of days and it's rain, rain, rain. I am utterly depressed, with bouts of seasonal affective disorder & risking becoming a very violent person if the sun doesn't come out soon. I'm more than ready to put away the wellies and get out my sandals. I've cancelled pedicures twice because I'm not going to waste money if I can't show off my toe nails. "Rain, rain go away, come back another day. Little Johnny wants to play."

The only good thing about rain that occurs to me is this amazing song "Chuva/Rain", in Mariza's mesmerizing voice.

With the English translation of the lyrics:

Chuva (Rain)
Things that are ugly in life
Leave us with no longings,
It's only memories
That make us cry or smile.

There are people who remain a part of us
And become a part of our own story
While there are others
Whose names we hardly remember.

Feelings are which give life
To the nostalgia I carry
Of the one I held close and then somehow lost.

The rain wets my body
So cold and so tired
The many streets in the city
Each one I have wandered
With the tears of a lost child
Echoed back from the city,
The fire of love quickly put out
In the rain.

The rain listened and whispered
My secret to the city
And now when it taps on my window
It still brings back the nostalgia.

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