Sunday, June 15, 2008

IVF Junkies

I can't help thinking how easy it is to get hooked on IVF. We eat, sleep and breath hormone shots. We live for the high of each treatment, albeit the emotional rollercoaster, believing that each one will be the ONE. The thrill that comes with each scan, as eggs are counted & checked. We show off our bruised tummies as trophies, for nothing will stop us from reaching the ultimate goal. So, getting hooked is the easy part. But how and when do we get off the bandwagon?

I knew how far I would go right from the very first shot because I sensed that I had the makings for an "IVF junkie". I felt the weakness and vulnerability looming. For me it had to be just like baseball (which I had played for years) - 3 strikes and you're out! Man, was I lucky the third time up at bat.

How do we stop people from becoming addicted to the adrenalin of each treatment? How do we steer them away from giving up their life to infertility? I wish I knew the answer to the million dollar question.

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