Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Flower

Little Blue Daisies
By Ajay Das Gupta

Little blue daisies
in my flowerbed
First came the ladybird
red red red
Fly away ladybird
said the daisy blue
Poor little ladybird flew flew flew

Then came the grasshopper
green green green
He hid in the leaves
not to be seen
Hop away grasshopper,
said the daisy blue
Poor little grasshopper
Went hop, hop hop

Third came the bumblebee
black black black
Humming to himself
a brand new song
Fly away bumblebee, said
the daisy blue
Poor little bumblebee
went buzz buzz buzz

Fifth came the butterfly
flap flap flap
Welcome cried the daisy
clap clap clap

It's the little guy's birthday, so today's Friday Flower is dedicated to him. Blue daisies are the flowers my husband gave me the day he was born. Although he knows I don't like receiving flowers, much prefering potted plants, an exception was opened for the birth of our little guy. Daisies cuz there my favourite flower and blue for our little boy.

( be honest, I would have prefered white daisies, but it's the thought that counts.)

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