Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home Alone

My guys are out for a couple of hours and I have the house to myself. The little guy wanted an ice cream sundae, so big guy took him into town. And a word of caution from me before they left...."take your time!"

Although I don't admit it to them, I always get an uneasy feeling when they're not around. Seems the house becomes incredibly big and quiet. Now that's not something you get a lot of around here - peace & quiet. So, I'm ready to quick off the heels, hit the couch and get out yesterday's paper (cuz forgot to read it & don't want to let it go to waste). I might even turn on the TV, that's if my guys haven't hidden the remotes. They have a habit of hiding them from each other.

Bet you any money that once I'm settled comfortably on the sofa I'll get bored stiff. So, if I'm not back soon with another blog post, that means peace & quiet isn't so bad after all. Or could also mean that this old lady has fallen asleep while watching TV.

Sorry, folks, what a sad excuse for a post!

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