Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oops! I did it again

I spend my life telling my students to read or listen carefully to instructions. But do I do it myself? Course not. That's why I'm always apologising for screwing things up. I'm the one who always hands in the messiest forms because I've only just read instructions after filling in the bloody thing. Grrrr!

There I was so excited, commenting away on the IComLeavWe blogs. Each time I went back to get another blog I'd read one extra bit of the instructions. Shit! First strike: adding my blog, I forgot to mention the name and add the http. Second strike: the last day for commenting was the 28th. Dahhh! Third strike: adding the July widget to my blog when it was already over.

Sorry, folks! I promise to get it right next month. I'm just the new kid on the block!

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Melbagirl @ a taste of ivf over 40 said...

Thanks for your comment on my post. I wish you luck with your job in Portugal. Stay in touch!