Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sad Day

I woke up today to find that my cat had died in the night. He was a stray, just like all our other pets, that we took in about a year ago. I remember he used to leave dead birds on our doorstep at the beginning, which I found quite bizarre and disturbing. I later discovered that it was his way of thanking us for the hospitality. Last night I noticed he was panting, but my husband said it was because of the heat. I really wish I'd called the vet last night. Now I can't seem to ease my guilty conscious.

I also found out that my dad is not well. His health has always been quite frail since his stroke a year ago. While I'm bitching about turning 40 this year, my dad is hitting 80 next week. I'm such a daddy's girl & it breaks my heart just the idea that I could lose him. My dad is the most generous person and gentlest soul there is. After losing his leg to cancer, which was quite a blow for the athletic type like my dad, he accepted his limitations and faced life head on. And I thank him for having been such an inspiration, not to mention role-model. I'm not ready to lose him just yet...I still need him around a bit longer!

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