Sunday, August 31, 2008

Angola Bound

Tomorrow is back to work for me, that means end-of-holiday-bliss countdown is now official (not that there was any bliss in these last few days). So, I was just here reading the NYT to catch up on what's going on in the world. Holiday bliss includes not reading the daily papers or listenting to the news. basically as cut off from the world as one can be with access to the internet. But tomorrow I enter the gates of reality and need to be prepared for whatever's out there.

I had absolutely no idea that there was a Hurricane Gustav on the way and people were being evacuated from New Orleans because the storm was moving toward the Louisiana coast. According to the NYT, "Gustav was larger and more dangerous than Hurricane Katrina, and he (the Mayor) pleaded with residents to get out or face flooding and life-threatening winds". Just thinking back to all those lives lost and devastation, I truly hope this is not the case.

As I was reading the article it finally dawned on me the reference to Angola in Aaron Neville's "Angola Bound". For my North American readers, in case you don't know, Angola is a former Portuguese colony in Africa, which gained its independence back in 1974 (I think). I always thought the song was about the country. What I did not know was that Angola is also the name of the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Now it's all crystal clear. Goes to show how little attention I pay to lyrics:

You been a long time coming but you're welcome home, angola bound
And go to Louisiana get your burdens on, angola bound

The jury found me guilty cause they wrote it down, angola bound
Judge said, junkie boy you're penitentiary bound, angola bound

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