Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to School

Hold on! Not just yet. Still have another week of holiday bliss, plus the little guy only starts mid-September. But it's that time of year that I love...back-to-school shopping! Today I went to do my weekly grocery shopping and headed straight for the "Back to School Section". Beautiful! All those gorgeous pens, markers, crayons, notebooks, binders... And so new. I was in heaven. I dragged the little guy with me so he could join in on the excitement. Oh mom! Can't I just wait in the toy section? No, you cannot!!! So, I ask him if he needs some new felt tip pens. Says no, but would love a Ninja Turtle. How about a new pencil case? Nope! Power Ranger? Grrrrr.... Absolutely no excitement at all! What is wrong with him? He's such a good student, loves school, loves reading but could care less about school supplies. Is this just a girl thing? Or is it cuz I'm just a boring old teacher?


Lisa said...

Here from ICLW.

I still LOVE school supplies too. And I have a few too many extra notebooks, pens & pencils, sticky pads, highlighters, and markers to show for it!

Martha said...

My sons both love new school supplies, the shopping for it, well, not so much. Good luck this school year! Thanks for your comment about EI and EFL, very cool. I've studied neurolinguistic programming and motivational interviewing, fun stuff.

Jaymee said...

I love school supplies, all fresh and shiny. My love of course comes from having to wear a very strict uniform, down to my hair ribbons. My supplies were the only form of self expression.


Tiffanie said...

ohhhh, i still ove getting school stuff, and i'm 29! can't wait to go buy stuff for my final yr - finishing my master's.

here from ICLW - thanks for the comment:)

Amy said...

I LOVE school supplies! I can't help myself. Even though I'm not teaching this year I'm magnetically drawn to the school supply section. I don't think its just a girl thing though.