Friday, August 29, 2008


Remember the other day I wrote a post about our situation with my husband being assigned night classes? Well, it gets worse...

My husband went to see the principal of his school today to explain our situation, that the timetable they want to give him is not compatible with mine, that we have a 7 year-old son, etc, etc. The guy just lost it completely. Shouting at the top of his lungs, he said that if he had to listen to every teacher's problems he would never get any work done. My husband had taken the litle guy with him because I had to stop by school, my son got so scared at hearing the principal shouting that he was clinging to his dad's legs. My husband was in shock. Now you've got bear in mind that my husband is the calmest person in the world. Annoyingly calm. I've yet to see him lose his cool. And because our son was with him, he decided not to react to the outburst.

So, this afternoon we went to talk to another teacher who's part of the committee who put together teachers' timetables. He wasn't at all surprised with the situation and says "Thing is the guy doesn't have kids of his own and then takes it out on others." We were shocked with this statement, of course. Infertility cannot account for his outburst, nor does it account for the fact that he's being completely unreasonable. We know very well that this all because my husband openly supported another candidate for principle. Excuse me, there was a revolution in this country back in 1974 that changed the Portuguese regime from an authoritarian dictatorship to a democracy. People should be allowed to voice their views without the fear of repercussions.

So, now we have to go down that road that we were dreading. Seeking legal advice, getting the union in on this and if necessary, taking it out into the public with the help of the local media.

We spent 12 years of our lives battling to have our son and now we can't even be there to raise him? I spend all my free time making my small contribution to society, helping other couples in their struggle to build a family. What about my family now? The little guy at school all day and then his parents working in the evening!?! Who's going to pick him up from school, watch over him while he's doing his homework, give him dinner, put him to bed? The asshole who's screwing us over out of revenge? I just don't get how people's minds work. I really don't get it!


PM said...

Não tens de agradecer Anna!!!
Duas de nós, no BabyBlogs, temos problemas de infertilidade... infelizmente!!
Beijocas ENORMES

Martha said...

Whew, this guy sounds crazy. Good luck with everything and I hope it all works out. Sending my best ((Hugs))