Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flower inspiration

Tomorrow is Friday Flower day on my blog and I'm running out of ideas. I need inspiration. What are your favourite flowers and do they have a special meaning for you? Please share!


Arpee said...

tulips, tulips, tulips!

They were the flowers I held in a bouquet in my wedding. They are soooo beautiful - check out the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in April!!! I planted a lot of them in my front yard!

Just lovely.

HOPE said...

Flores brancas.
Rosas marfim símbolo do amor verdadeiro.
Peonias. Não sei o que significam mas são lindas e cheiram divinamente!

Good to be back!

Bjs ;)

Martha said...

Anything with strong scent, roses, jasmine, love tulips, crocuses, cacti too!

Arpee said...

i knew it! I have been here before! I don't know if you planned that tulip post all along or if you thought about it after I said that is one of) my favorite flowers.

Either ways, it is poignantly beautiful!