Monday, August 25, 2008

Nuvem da infertilidade

This word cloud was built by the members of our APF community and it represents infertility in our lives. You'll find here words like pain, saddness, anxiety (dor, tristeza, ansiedade), but also hope, love & faith (esperança, amor, fé). We're sending this cloud out into cyberspace to share with others the reason for our struggle.


Martha said...

This is beautiful and Thank you for sharing this from APF, very touching, even though I can only translate about half of it. (4 years of Latin, French, and speaking Spanglaish helps one's language facility.) ((Hugs))

Raggedy Ann said...

Oh Martha, you are full of surprises...all those languages!

I've recently read a wonderful book about the Portuguese settlers on the West coast (east? west? I'm all muddled up here). Did you know that they planted some of the first orchards in California? ;-)

Love getting comments from you!