Wednesday, August 27, 2008


No, not the Michael Jackson "Thriller". Though I have to admit I miss the old (actually, the young) Michael Jackson. I need to stock up on some new books to read before classes start. As of October my reading time will be quite limited, so I want to make the most of the little time I still have now.

I have a very eclectic taste, but right now I'm in the mood for some good thrillers. I got started on thrillers when I was a teenager with Ruth Rendell & Patricia Highsmith. Later on I was introduced to Patricia Cornwell through a friend of mine who was a huge fan. And so began the Scarpetta marathon. I have to say that her books have gone downhill and they don't do it for me anymore. I much prefer Kathy Reichs now. Though, I hate the Bones series on TV, has nothing to do with the books or the characters. I've gone through all of Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. Not that the books are brilliant, but there's something about Reacher that makes me keep coming back for more. Then we have James Patterson with the Alex Cross series. Yup! Read them all. But Alex Cross gets on my nerves. He's just too perfect and there's nothing I hate more in people than perfection. Give me Reacher any time. But James Patterson creates some great psychopaths. I put up with Cross imagining Morgan Freeman playing the role in Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. To finish off my list of favoutite thriller writers, we have Robert Wilson who is absolutely supberb! I started off with A Small Death in Lisbon. Outstanding! And then moved on to the Javier Falcón series. I love this detective...come and cry on my shoulder, Javier! And the whole setting in Seville. Olé! Olé!

So, now I need to discover some new writers because I've gone through everything from the ones above. Any recommendations from my fellow bloggers? I need to take advantage of you guys before ICLW is over.


~Jess said...

I used to a read a lot more thrillers when I was younger: Loved Patterson. Now they freak me out too much (overactive imagination I suppose). On the right hand side of my blog I have my shelfari bookcase. You're welcome to look.



Martha said...

I love Michael Connolly's Harry Bosch LAPD detective series. This character is wonderfully flawed. I am with you re.Alex Cross being too freaking perfect. For a change of pace, I also enjoy "Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency" series by McCall Smith and Jane Austen Detective Series by Stephanie Barron. Good luck.

Raggedy Ann said...

Martha, I love the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency. McCall Smith has a another great book "Portuguese Irregular Verbs", I thought it was hilarious. It's one of those books that got mixed reviews, you either love it or hate it. I loved it! You got appreciate British humour to enjoy it.

Amy said...

Returning your comment. I don't know about learning how to fly in that time period. My husband is just now looking into going to school for it. Luckily we have a friend (2 actually) with their own planes. It's pretty awesome. I can't wait to go up again.