Friday, August 15, 2008

Under the weather

Seaside holiday has come to an end and I arrive home to a bug. That is, a computer bug! How many times have I told my husband not to download anything suspicious or to delete emails that he's not sure about?!? Does he listen? Of course not. Cuz curiosity killed the cat...or in this case, my computer! I placed a mayday call to my IT guy, who I absolutely adore! (Two people I'd take to a desert island: IT guy and cleaning lady) He can only stop by tomorrow to sort out the mess on the computer. Every time I log into gmail it shuts down internet explorer. So, no way of checking emails. Grrrr... Not being able to wait till tomorrow, I found a way round the whole situation. Dowloaded firefox, which seems to be resisting well to the bug. I think it's time for a proper anti-virus. And hope this has knocked some sense into you-know-who's head! At least this will give me a chance to rant at him for a while, making sure to rub it in everytime he comes close to my computer. You see, it's usually the other way round.

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