Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Flower


There is a garden where lilies
And roses are side by side;
And all day between them in silence
The silken butterflies glide.

I may not enter the garden,
Though I know the road thereto;
And morn by morn to the gateway
I see the children go.

They bring back light on their faces;
But they cannot bring back to me
What the lilies say to the roses,
Or the songs of the butterflies be.

Francis Turner Palgrave

Today's Friday Flower is dedicated to a special friend who made me smile through the tears. These flowers are for you, Martha.


Martha said...

Oh, thank you, how sweet. You make me smile with tears in my eyes. ((Hugs))

Arpee said...

Hi! I subscribed your blog to my reader and I noticed that you have regular Friday Flower posts. That's neat!

Anyway I love flowers and I was thinking maybe I could share the many flower photos I have!!! Is Friday Flower something you are participating in or are you doing this on your own?