Friday, October 3, 2008

September Survivor

I think I made it and lived to tell. September was certainly a month in hell for me. Left a few scars, but I survived. The new school year officially kicks off tomorrow and, unfortunately, I'll be teaching Saturday morning during the first semestre. But I'm happy with my new timetable and when I settle into the new routine, things will be (almost) back to normal, or at least I hope (knock on wood). A very busy week with workshops at school, level testings, staff meetings, workshops...and that was just work. Then there was the board meeting of the Fertility Association where I do volunteer work, with new ideas bubbling up all the time. Have I mentioned the incredible team I work with? And finally the little guy & big guy that need me around, too. Lots of balls to juggle in my life! I hope to be back to my blog "full-time" next week. Miss you all.

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Martha said...

Miss you too! Keep juggling and sending my best always to you and your fellas.