Friday, January 2, 2009

Chocolate chip temptation (or damnation)

No, I did not go shopping! No, I did not get a manicure! Instead I slept in this morning, something I hadn't done in ages. It felt so good staying in bed on a rainy morning. And my guys were so sweet. The little one usually calls for me first thing when he wakes up, but today he was quiet as mouse. He got dressed, unfortunately didn't manage the matching socks (boys!), sorted out his own breakfast and went off to TV-land. I think that's why he didn't wake me, I'm always nagging about him watching too much TV. The big guy also made sure he didn't wake me this morning, but I smell a rat here. Was that his way of keeping me from using my much loved credit cards? But, no, I prefer to believe that they did out of love for me! (yeah right!)

But I did buy something. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! Ok, I've been found out! That is my weak spot! I woke up with an incredible craving for chocolate chip cookies. (No, I'm not pregnant. No tubes, remember?) I thought I was going to die this morning if I didn't sink my teeth into the most delicious mouthwatering cookies on the face of the planet. I'm so embarrassed about this addiction of mine. Normally, I avoid buying them because they bring out the worst in me. Can you believe I actually hide them from my son!?! Oh, the shame! And I sometimes have a pack stashed away in my desk drawer so nobody can find them. What an awful mom I am, you say! I know, I know!

I could have gone shopping in the afternoon, but after stuffing my face with cookies I didn't have the heart to try new clothes on. It just wasn't right. So, it's time for redemption right now. No more chocolate chip cookies!!!! And no shopping until I've burnt off today's calories.

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Martha said...

Sleeping in is wonderful and Chocolate chip cookies, oh I am so jealous!!! No damnation for chocolate chips, more like Salvation!