Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To wear or not to wear?

There is one thing that really drives the little guy crazy. He's not able to understand or accept his mom's stubborness when it comes to wearing a wedding ring. My refusal to wear one is just beyond his grasp. Maybe because I've never given him a proper explanation. Fact of the matter is I don't like them. My husband took his off right after the wedding cerimony, 19 years ago, which was perfectly ok with me. And I wore mine on and off for 12 years (mostly off) and my pregnancy was the perfect excuse to take it off for good. "But why, mommy?" he keeps nagging me. Just because! It's not that I mind wearing jewellery. After all I'm a gal! I just hate conventional notions that if you're married you have to wear a wedding band. I guess I still like the idea of keeping the rebel inside of me alive. But it also bothers me that it might cause my son some heartache. So, what do I do? Wear it for the sake of my son's happiness? Would my stubborn refusal cause some unnecessary trauma? Or just stick to the fact that I don't want to wear something just because people think I have to.

I welcome your words of wisdom.


Martha said...

This is so funny, Kevin and I don't wear our rings either and our boys don't even notice.
Kevin is allergic to metal including platinum and gets a severe rash after 4 hours wearing his ring. I used to take off my ring so much washing hands as RN and changing diapers, I got out of the habit. I do wear it when I dress up for a special occasion.

alicia said...

ohh interesting topic! I am a believer in ring wearing, so I may not help you much here! I am always giving Keith a hard time when he takes his off and forgets about it! haha.

But I think you should explain to your son that everyone is unique and has their own reasons for doing things, and that it is important to talk about differences in opinons, but it is ok to agree to disagree sometimes! I would be worried though after a conversation like this he would use this advice to his advantage my saying we must agree to disagree on the fact that i want more choclate, or a later bed time or whatever! haha!!! good luck though, but I am sure talking it out with him will help!

Ana said...

No words of wisdom here... :( I feel exactly the same way you do about wedding rings. In fact, we didn't even have wedding rings on our wedding day. Eventually, I suppose my little one will nag me as well.
But I'm not getting any rings just for her sake.