Friday, February 27, 2009

Would you? Could you? At 40? the Pilgrim's Trail of Santiago? I'm going! Not for religious purposes (I don't even think there's a religious bone in my body), but just because it's one of those things I've always dreamed of doing. Let's see if this old gal will survive the 200km-6-day walk to Santiago de Compostela. Does that sound crazy enough to you?

Follow this symbol all the way to Santiago de Compostela

"Ten centuries ago, a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela entailed an arduous preparation. The pilgrim-to-be had to put things in order at home, write his last will, procure money for his gear and lodging, and obtain from his priest a certificate of good faith. Similarly, today a pilgrim needs what is called in Spain a credencial, a letter of accreditation delivered by the many Associations of the Friends of Saint James, found all over the world, which gives access to private or religious lodging for a minimal sum.

The Medieval pilgrim’s outfit consisted of a wide-brimmed hat; a long walking stick (bourdon) made of strong wood with an iron end, useful in fending off wolves and dogs; and a leather pouch slung over the shoulder to hold the small amount of food it was practical to carry."


Martha said...

Good for you and 400 km, Wow! I send my best and will be thinking of you.
Thank you for your sweet comment, I'm glad to see you back in blogland. ((Hugs)) Best to Z-Z.

Amawalker said...

200km in 4 days?? Methinks you got the mileage wrong huh!

Raggedy Ann said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Amawalker. You're right! In fact, it's a 6-day walk, which I've already corrected on my post. I will certainly be checking out your blog for advice :-)

Amawalker said...

200km in 6 days is really good going. Hope el camino was good to you peregrina-ann!

alicia said...

wow!!!! good for you! you will have such a great time!

Lori said...

We drove this a few years back, and walking it is something I really want to do.

Oh, how I envy you!

P.S. Let me know how to reach you by email.