Monday, March 16, 2009

A stroll in the park

the park

... enjoying this amazing Spring weather. Actually, more like summer weather with a high of 28ºC (82.4ºF, according to the converter). I stopped by my favourite bookshop to get something to read while sitting under one of the beautiful linden trees in the city centre & couldn't resist Sylvia Plath's poetry. Ok, not the merriest of poets for a day like today, but for some strange reason I'm always drawn to people with a dark side, which is quite a contrast with my own "joie de vivre".

the bookshop

I couldn't concentrate on the poetry, too many sounds, sights & scents to distract me. And ended up drifting into my own thoughts, some of the very same ones that keep me awake at night. How I wish I could be a poet to use words to unburden my soul.

Another beautiful day awaits me tomorrow, and so does another stroll in the park.


Martha said...

Great pictures, it's gorgeous here also, aren't we lucky? You have such cooler architecture though.

PatríciaL said...

Eu adoro este tempo de verão. Faz lembrar as férias, a praia... beijinho

alicia said...

oh wow! amazing pics, I wish my parks looked like that!

Arpee said...

Hey, Been out for some time and am now catching up...

Anyway, this place is awesome! Someday, when I grow up, I will visit Europe!