Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Way before my blogging days I used to love checking out Ten on Tuesday. I stumbled on it when I was searching for some actvities to do with my students & got hooked on it immediately. I even ran a similar weekly activity on our discussion board for a while... and then I forgot all about it. That goes to show you what happens to your brain at 40. Today the little guy asked me what day it was and I said "Tuesday". And that's when I remembered "Ten on Tuesday"! So here we go, folks:

Ten Least Liked Foods (this is a tough one for someone who loves food!):
  1. carrots
  2. zucchini
  3. turkey
  4. salmon
  5. yoghurt (unless it's Greek yoghurt)
  6. milk
  7. pumpkin
  8. anchovies
  9. beetroot
  10. rhubarb
Now how difficult could that be? I swear it took me nearly half an hour to compile this list and these are not even things I hate - just least like. I am a food lover!

Want join in on the fun? Check out Ten on Tuesday! I will never forget again.


John said...

hey gorgeous! I remember loads of things you used to hate: fish, vegetables, cheese, eggs, etc. So you stopped being a fussy eater in your old age. Having fun with Uncle A? Wish I was there with you guys.

Teena in Toronto said...

Salmon's on my list too!

I played too :)

Kim said...

I am so like you...it took me forever to finish my list. In fact I only got to 9 on my list.

Like your list!

Mine's up...come on over.

Carolina said...

Não gostas de cenouras sua marota!