Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stormy Weather Ahead

Ok, here's the situation. I know I've been going on about my pre-mid-life crisis when I hit 40, but that's not for a while yet. It's just me prepping myself up for the blow. Before that I have another storm to deal with. My husband's turning 50 on Wednesday and, by the looks of things, we're headed for some rocky waters.

Age has always been a delicate thing for him. When we first met he lied to me about his age. Talk about vanity! I guess in his head a 20-year-old "schoolgirl" (moi, in case you hadn't made the connection) wouldn't be interested in dating an older guy. Man, do they have it wrong! Little did he know that it was precisely his slightly greying hair and grown-up talk that attracted me to him in the first place.

So, to play it safe we usually lay off the topic of age here at home. The other day I actually made the stupid mistake of suggesting getting this new anti-wrinkles facial cream for men. He just glared at me and I got the message loud & clear. But 50 is an important milestone worth celebrating and he's going to have to get down to some serious partying, whether he likes or not (which he probably won't). Today I brought up the subject, just to test the waters, and he was actually warming up to the idea of a small b-day bash (our ideas of "small" are so different, so he doesn't actually know what's coming), when our son spoiled it all. There we were on the porch, soaking up the sun while discussing his birthday, when all of a sudden the little guy shouted across the street to the neighbour "Hey, guess what! My dad's turning 50 on Wednesday!" Shit! I took one look at my husband's blank expression. Utter silence! Then he said, "I think I'll take a raincheck. We'll do the celebrating when I retire".

But, I have my heart set on doing something, so from now until Wednesday I'll have to rely on my ingenuity to whip up a way to have this party, without risking a divorce while I'm at it.

Just a day in the life of Raggedy Ann.

PS: That's a picture of the Toronto skyline. Reminds me of those magical summer storms. But those hit without a warning. Not the case here - I know exactly what I'm headed for.

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