Saturday, July 5, 2008

Don't mess with Major Mom!

Ok, I had a bad night's sleep. Went to bed really late last night cuz I wanted to finish off a translation so it wouldn't be looming over my head throughout the weekend. Thought I could sleep in a bit today, but I thought wrong. With my parents over for a few days, forget what I want to do. It's all about HER! The Commander-in-chief! Major MOM.

At 6:30 in the morning she walks into my bedroom, without knocking I might add, saying that I have to get up immediately to run some errands with her. WTF (*), I thought. Am I back at summer camp? Had it been anybody else attempting a stunt like this, I would have knocked them over the head with the bedside lamp! But you don't mess with mom. You can probably get away with it when you're 4, but certainly not when you're (nearly) 40. So, I practically jumped to my feet to salute her.

I sometimes find myself wondering about all that power that moms exert, in an almost military fashion. Just observe a grown man when he's around his mom. He turns into a little puppy, begging for a bone. Does he challenge Major Mom? Absolutely not! He fears for his life. I wonder if that's part of the appeal that draws us to motherhood.

I'm a bit of a Major Mom at home, as well. I confess! I'm well aware of that. I try really hard to be one of those laid-back moms that doesn't fuss over every little thing, but sometimes it's stronger than me. For one, it's schedules and routines. It's military punctuality that I instill here at home. Sometimes my husband tells me to chill out a little. He says "Just relax! It won't kill him if he's a few minutes late for school." And I try to do just that, but then I get this uneasiness building up inside, the clock tick-tocking away and I can't control myself. I go into military mode, shouting "Hurry up! Get those sock on! Brush your teeth! Swallow down your breakfast! March down those stairs! Hup two three four!".

So, I just figured it out! We will do anything it takes, even enduring the pain of fertility treatments, because we want to be Major Mom!

(*) What the fuck!

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