Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tasmanian Devil

If anyone is out there looking for the tasmanian devil you can find him here at my place. That's what my son has turned into since school finished. He was such a sweet, well-behaved little boy (ok, I'm exaggerating a bit...a lot), but now he's a little monster. I think this is the result of too much energy, combined with lack of playmates.

Today he wasn't too bad. We took him out to the river, where they've got extreme sports for children. A "kiddie" bungee jump and a bit of kayacking with his dad up-river did the trick. He's completely starved & knackered. That's the way us moms like to see them. But we can't do this every day and tomorrow is the start of another work week. I might still have to find an activity centre that will take him in for the rest of the month cuz he gets bored stiff when he has to hang out at my school. I really should have seen this coming.

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