Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday Flower

Lettuce Thief
by Gwyn Thomas

"A great giant stealing lettuce."
(From a small boy's scribbling book.)

One would think
That this would not be,
For a mighty giant, a worth-while occupation,
Yet there was he
On the page facing
The inspired note
A brush of a person
Fondling in his hands
(As far as one could see)
Some green scribbling
That no doubt denoted, after the impressionists
The lettuce he was stealing.

What psychological complexities
Led to his vegetarian propensities
So that he had no craving for meat
Like all full-blooded giants?
Was there in his pedigree some secret

That would explain his strange proclivity,
Some genetic meddling
That would explain to me why he
Was so particularly apathetic to meat?

Vain questions, useless guesses;
There's nothing here beyond the white page,
No interference at all with extensions
To what has been portrayed
And set painstakingly
And finally down:
"A great giant stealing lettuce."

Is there anything more beautiful than a head of lettuce? Absolutely not! Forget the roses or carnations, give me veggies any time. My vegetable patch is my pride & joy!

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