Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chow time

It's great being on holiday but I'm so sick of cooking already. I've completely run out of ideas & recipes. That's because I'm trying to make up for the little guy having to eat his dad's cooking while I'm working. I really do sympathise with him, it's not easy trying to swallow down my husband's cooking. .. it just doesn't look edible. He's a sweet guy, but the world's lousiest cook. So, I spend most of my holiday time in the kitchen because of my guilty conscious. Now, you've got to bear in mind that here in Portugal people eat complete meals at lunch and at dinner. That means 3 courses: soup/starter, main course, dessert. You see what I'm going on about now? And to top it all off, I'm completely obsessed with healthy eating habits here at home when it comes to the little guy. But today I thought "the hell with it"! The kid got to eat hamburgers & fries and for dessert...chocolate mousse! He was in gourmet heaven & mom joined in on the fun. (Just yesterday I was going on about aiming at a body like Madonna's...yeah right!). And dad? He got stuck with the leftovers from lunch.

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