Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Memory

My infertility journey - Wordle version

I don't think about my own infertility journey that often. It feels like it all happened in another lifetime. Sometimes it feels like it happened to somebody else and I was just a spectator. But lately I've been flooded by memories of those painful days, when I felt the loneliest person on this planet. My husband doesn't understand my need to continue connected to infertility. "Why can't you just let it go?" he keeps asking. I really don't why...just because! I think letting go of infertility is like letting go of myself and I just can't do that.


Martha said...

Having a child doesn't cure infertility, neither the physical nor emotional aspects. My losses, just like my joys, are part of me so I understand. I hope your DH will in time also. ((Hugs))

Lori said...

Infertility changes you. It becomes part of the fabric of you.

For me, the healing came in a spiral, not a straight line. And dealing with it is MUCH better than pretending you don't have those feelings.

I think men tend to be better able to "move on" than women.