Monday, December 29, 2008

Don't you love complaining?

My internet connection was so incredibly slow this past week it was driving me up the wall. I felt like getting out my baseball bat and smashing the computer to bits! I cursed so much that my son was asking me what certain words meant (his English doesn't include swear words yet). I thought it had to do with the holiday season, but couldn't logically make out why the internet would slow down at Xmas. So, today I decided to phone up the internet provider I'm hooked up with and give the poor guy on the other end of the line a piece of my mind. It wasn't a pleasant scene, I tell you. I followed it up with an email, one of those that end in "you better fix this fast, or else...". Tony Soprano would have been proud of me. Well, the guy on the phone said they were going to see what they could do and I never got a reply to the email. But guess what? My internet connection is back to normal. Oh the joy!!!! Best belated Xmas gift I could get.

The funny thing here in Portugal is that bitching about things is second nature to people, but actually doing something about it is a whole other ball game. Like friends of mine who will go on and on about the crappy service in a certain shop, but would never actually tell the shop assistant that they weren't satisfied with the service. The same goes when it comes to medical issues. I get so annoyed when people use our discussion board in the Association to speak badly of certain doctors, and with valid complaints, but would never ever consider confronting these professionals with their complaints. That for me is cheating.

Anyhow, I feel good! Mission accomplished!'s taking a bit long to upload the image. Shit!

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Martha said...

My cousin and I had a real bi+ch session today about all the world's ills, I feel so much better. I pick my spots when I complain, it depends on circumstances. Also, I would be delighted to accept your very kind and gracious invite to Portugal.