Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mama Afrika

The world has lost many great musicians this year, but for me Miriam Makeba was so much more than just a singer. A civil rights activist, she fought hard against apartheid, testifying before the United Nations back in 1963. My blog was temporarily closed down when she passed away, so here goes my tribute to this remarkable woman now.

Probably most famous for "Pata Pata", which just makes you want to get up and move those hips (not that easy at 40, tho), I absolutely love her cover of Jorge Ben Jor's "Chove Chuva". Isn't it divine?


Martha said...

Miriam Makemba is one of my favorite artists. Her music is a gift to the world and her much loved country of Afrika.

Martha said...

I don't think you are Jekyll and Hyde, sound normal to me, just great!