Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth hour fun...

... so not fun this year! My two guys were at each others' throats! Why, you ask? Because of the fricken remote controls for both TVs that went missing, that's why! Damn Mr Edison for bringing an hour's grief to my life today. I had prepared loads of fun & games to keep us entertained. We had an early dinner and I made popcorn to munch on once lights went out. At 8:25 I started lighting the candles and told my guys to come down cuz it was almost time for all the fun! What I failed to notice, cuz I was listening to music on my mp3 player, was that they were having a huge row because my little guy has this bad habit of hiding remote controls from dad so he doesn't change the channel. And dad does the same thing to the little guy. So, somehow one of them (or both of them) managed to lose the stupid remotes. Who the hell gives a f**** when the whole idea is that everything will be off anyhow cuz that's the whole point of earth hour, right? Wrong! So how did we entertain ourselves? Searching the whole fricken house with candles for the f****** remotes! With both of them shouting "it was your fault!" " no, it was your fault!". Me with "would anybody like popcorn? How about a game of charades?". When lights came back on we finally found the bloody remotes. But the joke is on them cuz tomorrow they're going missing again, but that will be my doing.

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Martha said...

I want a remote locater, NOW!!
Sorry for the fight.