Friday, March 27, 2009

Things that make you go Grrr...

Having to delete a comment some bible basher had the nerve to drop on my blog just now. Damn! I am really not on good terms with the church lately. I could turn a blind eye to their views on Reproductive Medicine and abortion because it does not suprise me at all. And in a way I can almost understand where they're coming from, although, and I stress this, I do not share these views! However, when you hear this pope preaching against the use of condoms during his trip to Angola, now that sends me into a fury! How dare he say something like this in this day in age when considering all the AIDS victims in the African continent. Then we have that case of the 9-year-old Brazilian girl who had to have her pregnancy terminated after being raped by her stepfather. And pregnant with twins to top it all off. How does the church stretch out a helping hand? Through the excommunication of the little girl's mother and the health workers involved in the pregnancy termination. God forbid they should excommunicate the bastard who raped the little girl. These are the things that make my blood boil!

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Martha said...

People's self righteousness in the name of "religion" knows No bounds of stupidity. Thank goodness for the delete button.
Right On, RA!!!