Monday, April 6, 2009

En Tus Brazos

Somebody posted this on the discussion board of our association and I just had to bring it over here to share with you. I'm still in awe at the beauty of this animated movie. It reminds me of when my dad lost his leg to cancer and the hardships he went through in order to re-invent himself. And then of course we have the passion & power of tango. It is sexy, promiscuous and predatory!

I highly recommend watching this movie in high quality on the official website "En Tus Brazos".


battynurse said...

Hi there, Thanks for the comment on my blog. In answer to your question about traveling nurses. I worked for an agency that would advertise me to various hospitals. If the hospital had a need (many do in the US) they would hire me through my agency for a 13 week contract to come work at their facility. Pay is great because they cover housing etc plus you get to go visit new places. I had fun with it but don't travel light very well so I decided to stop for now. Maybe I will try again later though.

Martha said...

Cool, thank you so much RA!!