Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Singing

I used to love dancing to this tune! Unfortunately, no dancing for this gal for a while. Remember how I said I was afraid of jinxing my big walking plans, well it happened. On Friday I did the stupid thing of climbing our lemon tree because I needed a lemon to season the salad. Did I use the ladder? Of course not! Climbed up the tree myself, jeans got caught on a branch and I came tumbling down, spraining my ankle. Sob! Sob!

Oh well! Worse things could happen. But on a more positive note, Uncle Armie is here! Yay! And mystery guest is my gorgeous, childhood friend George. And I got so many goodies! Forget diets because I've been pigging out on Tim Horton donuts. That's right! Uncle Armie managed to smuggle onto the plane 2 boxes of donuts and 4 raison bran muffins. That should help mend my ankle. I am in donut heaven right now!

What tunes would get you to the dancefloor right now? Are we going for 80s cheese? C'mon, humour the DJ here.


Martha said...

Michael Jackson's Off the Wall album will get me moving!
That's great your uncle brought you Tim Hortons!!!
I hope your ankle heals quickly.

Cara said...

Good food usually helps with aches and pains...but I'm ready to rock out whenever youare!

Beautiful Mess said...

OMG Terence!!!! I use to have THE biggest crush on him...I still might. I'm all about Duran Duran Big thing lately. I need to get that song on my ipod STAT! Hope your ankle feels better soon. Enjoy your guests and goodies!

bolinha de sabão said...

As melhoras! Ai! Ai! Mas que aventureira anda esta nossa Anna ;)

John said...

ah this brings back memories. how's ankle?

John said...

and uncle? ha!