Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Words

"Poet, novelist and playwright Fred D'Aguiar was born in London, but grew up in Guyana before returning to England aged 12. His first collection, Mama Dot (1985) won numerous awards and established him as one of the most distinctive voices in English poetry. His most recent collection is An English Sampler: New and Selected Poems (Chatto 2001). He is finalising a new collection, Elegies, written in the wake of the campus shootings at Virginia Tech, where he teaches creative writing and literature.

The legacy of unfinished poems and how to approach them through the invention of a persona."
Check out this month's poetry workshop in the Guardian with Fred d'Aguiar.

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Martha said...

Your comment about the Portuguese way made me laugh, thanks. I feel smarter hanging out w/you, RA, I will check D'Aguaiar. Thanks for the recommendation, I love poetry and so does my DH. This might make a nice birthday present for him. Good luck in school and your students are very lucky to have you as their teacher.